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Since 2011, Inquinat has one specialized department to assist the needs of the national mining industry, with one staff of oustanding professionals in differents areas, aware of the requirements of the sector. At Inquinat we understand the versatility of the mining business. Therefore we actively participate in forums, events and sectorial conferences around the country. because our premise is to be permanently informed about new projects, just metalliferous, second and third category of mining and  industry of lithium to offer the best alternatives to their needs.


Demonstrated are the works of engineering, designs of plants, provision of equipments, operarion and sales of formulated chemical products. We provided solutions and assistance to companies such as Cerro Vanguardia, Santa Cruz Mining, Barrick Gold, Exar Mining, Yamana Gold, Ekeko, Santa Rita Minning, Gold Copper Gropu, Jujuy Sales, UTE Lindero and Pastos Grandes among others..

These units were designed to be mounted in camps and facilities with difficult access, minimizing times of installation and start ups.Inquinat S.A. has compact systems for water purification or neutralization in the mining industry.

We applied differents membrane´s technologies , combining Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis to reach the most demanding parameters.

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