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Inquinat S.A.

We are a leading company in water treatments, effluents and related processes founded in 1977. Since then we have become a supplier of formulated chemical products, equipment, plants, supplies, services and operations for all industries as well as the use of water for human consumption.

During his career, Inquinat has proven to have a technical and commercial capacity that has made it an unavoidable reference in the activity thanks to the competition of his professional staff with high experience in water treatment offering the most appropriate solution to different needs that can present permanently.

This has placed Inquinat to have a presence around the national territory and countries of South America.

Our history

It was the year 1977 and located in General San Martín, northwest of Gran Buenos Aires  borned Inquinat S.A. a company created by chemical professionals with the purpose of contributing their knowledge applying to the problems of water in the industry and different activities of human life. Initially, the activity was mainly focused on formulated products but over the years, industrial development and technological demands meant that to date Inquinat has added to its traditional products all types of plants using the latest technology and achieving high performance and quality.
In 1999, Comercial y Industrial Inquinat Chile Ltda was founded in order to offer the same products in the transandean country, observing the same philosophy in terms of compliance and achieving customer satisfaction.



As water is a valuable natural resource for life, and practically all industrial activities, its care in terms of quantity used and pollution is paramount. In this sense, our company works permanently in the development and design of equipment to purify liquid effluents and to recycle the water used in the processes with a final goal of achieving zero final discharge, contributing in this way to the reduction of environmental pollution 



We know that modern life takes place within our planet with a huge degree of industrialization and with constant technological advances that are happening at a dizzying pace. It is a duty for habitants around the world to care for, and conserve water, but greater is Inquinat's commitment to offer its products and professional experience that makes possible to collaborate using of tools that allow the sanitation and reuse of water.


Understanding that a company should not be reduced only to the activity for which it was created, but also that its scope should transcend commercial achievements is that Inquinat continuously seeks to generate a work environment that respects:

     •    human rights within an integration that does not violate the personality of each worker
     •    conditions of comfort and wellbeing
     •    elements and tools necessary for the correct execution of tasks
     •    procedures in accordance with compliance with environmental protection

Our business principles

A commercial contract between parties must contemplate the needs, interests and benefits of both having as objective to reach the satisfaction of the supplier and the buyer.
It is part of our principles the strict compliance of duties and rights based on the principle of good faith that, it is assumed, must accommodate any agreement reached.

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