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The Engineering department designs, manufactures and executes the assembly and start up of plants for Water treatment, Processes, Effluents and Fruit Juices processes. The applied technologies are from lastest generation with which the design and equipment of all the plants manufactured by INQUINAT S.A. keep a permanet update with the best performance and benefits.

INQUINAT offers a vast list of references of executed works that place it in a position of leadership in the market and confers to the acquirer of a plant, a great security as far as the operation of the same and a solid guarantee backed by a Company born in 1977.


Our commitment is to provide the best economic technical solutions to our customers.


We provide comprehensive solutions that include provision, assembly and commissioning of the systems supplied


We manufacture ion exchange equipment, automatic or manual operation according to the needs of our customers.

Ionic exchange

In our plant located in the town of San Martín, province of Buenos Aires, we manufacture our equipment, with specialized workforce.

Our manufacturing plant

More than 20 years designing and manufacturing reverse osmosis equipment for the industry.


We design and manufacture ultrafiltration equipment, using ceramic or hollow fiber 

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