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More than 40 years of experience in water and wastewater treatments

About us

We are a leading company in water treatments, effluents and related processes founded in 1977. Since then we have become a supplier of formulated chemical products, equipment, plants, supplies, services and operations for all industries as well as the use of water for human consumption

During his career, Inquinat has proven to have a technical and commercial capacity that has made it an unavoidable reference in the activity thanks to the competition of his professional staff with high experience in water treatment offering the most appropiate solution to  different needs that can present permanently.

This has placed Inquinat to have a presence around the national territory and countries of South America.




Inquinat supplies equipment for clarification, discoloration, demineralization, deacidification, stabilization, and elimination of contaminants from juices, using membrane technologies and adsorbent resins.



Our compact plants for water purification and effluent treatment, manufactured in marine containers, adapt to the most adverse environmental conditions. Its portability and ease of installation make it ideal for use in mining.

Productos y servicios

Products and service

32 RO Profertil.jpg


We design, build and execute assembly and commissioning of plants for water treatment of Consumption, Processes, Effluents and Processing of juices.

Chemical products

We design and elaborate specific additives for boiler water, cooling and closed circuits, in order to optimize the operation of each system to be treated.


We have a permanent stock of different types of inputs for the treatment of water and effluents.

Technical department

In the Technical Service Department we provide personalized attention to each client, resolving their problems as quickly as possible.

Our Staff

Our people are what make the difference. We are convinced that one of the key factors of our success is the commitment, quality and diversity of our team.
We are looking for innovative people, with growth mindset and passion for what they do; the challenge inspire us to think from a new perspective, helping to prepare our business for the future.

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